JacpFX website refresh

JacpFX website refresh Thanks to @unkrautdeluxe, the JacpFX website got a refresh (or full remake). Despite the positive feedback to the first design he was unhappy with the usability of the site... so he created a new one ;-) More examples of his work you can find here: https://www.pinterest.com/unkrautdlx/portfolio/ @unkrautdeluxe...

08 December 2015

JacpFX 2.1 release

JacpFX 2.1 release After a longer period without any releases I am pleased to announce JacpFX 2.1. This release is fixing some issues (see below), adds some minor enhancements, and a lot of cleanups and optimizations under the hood. Some enhancements: You can now provide your own WorkBenchLayout If you...

03 December 2015

JacpFX im Java aktuell Magazin

JacpFX im Java aktuell Magazin I have published an article in the German magazine www.java-aktuell.de, which is published by the iJUG e.V.. You can download the article free of charge here: Asynchrone JavaFX-8-Applikationen mit JacpFX

08 June 2015

JacpFX-DataFX a perfect match

JacpFX and DataFX-flows, a perfect match for JavaFX JacpFX is a RCP framework based on JavaFX, supporting developers to structure an application with loosely coupled, reusable components and DataFX-flow is an API that allows you to define flows between controllers and views in JavaFX. Both projects developed independently, and while...

03 November 2014

Creating executables with Java 8 U+0026 maven

Creating executable Uber jar’s and native applications with Java 8 & maven Creating uber jar’s in Java nothing particular new, even creating executable jar’s was also possible with maven long before Java 8. With the first release of JavaFX 2, Oracle introduced the javafxpackager tool, which has now been renamed...

08 October 2014

JacpFX 2.0.1 bugfix release

JacpFX 2.0.1 bugfix release Today we released a bugfix release of JacpFX (2.0.2) which is solving mainly two bugs: 1. When using JacpFX on Windows in Eclipse/Netbeans/… we fixed a bug finding the correct JacpFX components 2. under some conditions a perspective view may be empty on perspective switch Beside...

17 September 2014

JacpFX 2 release

JacpFX 2 release announcement We are pleased to announced a new version of JacpFX. This version took quite a while to finish and brings a lot of changes and enhancements. All component references in JacpFX are now loosely coupled through IDs, so you can exchange components easily . To create...

29 July 2014

Moving to GitHub!

We moved to GitHub After many years on Google Code we decided to move to GitHub. The complete development for JacpFX 2 is now moved to GitHub, while the current stable version will stay on Google Code. With the migration to GitHub we introduce this GitHub pages and will will...

04 September 2013