JacpFX 2 release announcement

We are pleased to announced a new version of JacpFX. This version took quite a while to finish and brings a lot of changes and enhancements.
All component references in JacpFX are now loosely coupled through IDs, so you can exchange components easily . To create components and perspectives you now must implement the corresponding interfaces instead of extending an abstract class. We introduced a JacpFX Context interface, so you can inject the context object to your perspectives/components and access methods for JacpFX messaging, dialog creation and many more. Also a new type of component was added: the so called ManagedFragment, which represents a managed UI control and can be reused in different components and perspectives.

As you may see we also created a new website with an extended documentation, quickstart tutorials and a blog. In the next couple of weeks we will publish some further tutorials and HowTos.

To start with JacpFX you may want to look at the quickstart tutorials here: quickstart